My name is Elizabeth. I teach the French Language in Brisbane. I’m not sardonic; I have been living here for eleven years for some very unfortunate circumstances that I will not be in this context to list. Because of the hard work and family situation, at the end of my day, there is not much time left to grab but as soon as I can cultivate my passion: painting.

I have decided to create this blog so that I can share with others the desire I have tried since the first day to portray this particular and surprising part of the world, a desire that has poured onto paper or wood, in painting.

My dream is to organize a fundraising exhibition for an Onlus Association that I know personally and who works brilliantly to improve the condition of the Pediatric Oncology Department of the Microcytemic Hospital in Cagliari. I work side by side with a colleague who is part of it and I have had the pleasure to see over the years how good has it been achieved for the small guest of the department. I would also like to contribute my simple works with these few words of presentation. Enjoy reading it!