How To Create Velvet Painting On The Walls

Velatura is a special dyeing technique based on the overlapping different shades of colour in order to create blurred effects; With this technique, it is possible to give the walls such pleasing appearances. To achieve this, you just have to prepare the right equipment and to-do-steps. Continue reading this guide which contains useful instructions to help you, make your DIY velvet on the walls of your house.

Create Velvet Painting On The Walls

The technique of lacing was born from the aesthetic necessity of antiquing the interior and exterior walls of the buildings. It can be used on different surfaces including the most modern ones, such as plasterboard. In the following guide, we will give you tips on how to paint and perform a snap on a wall.

However, before even you can put your hands to work, you should first clear the walls from asbestos threads. Always keep in mind that it is important to perform a thorough inspection of the house. That is why you should look for asbestos testing services in Melbourne. Then followed by the removal process.

The velvet technique already contains an effective description in its name. This painting mode consists, in fact, of laying a base colour layer to which, once dried, an additional “veil” which is superimposed. This second layer is so slim and transparent that it lets you glimpse below the original colour.

It is, in essence, a painting technique based on the transparencies that were directly borrowed from the watercolor painting. The veil is a technique known to man for several millennia, and testimonies about this practice even have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

Thanks to the velvet, it is possible to overlay different tones of colours to obtain special shades. You can lay a lot of layers from different colours to create new shades. For example, with a blue background and a second yellow layer, a green colour effect is obtained. It is precisely using contrasting colours that the technique of the velatura gives the best of itself: in fact, the shades that are created by the overlapping of two different tones are often much brighter than those obtained by spreading a premixed product of that colour.

What you need to create such amazing walls:

  • Acrylic paints tone on tone
  • Primer
  • Roller
  • Brushes
  • Sponge

The Main Tools For Making A Velvet

First of all, we provide some information to better understand how this technique works. This type of painting is considered to be highly decorative, rotating around the various games of colours that are often made tone-on-tone. In order to make this type of painting, there are elements which are usually used to give the walls very heavily irregular paintings looks or simply enhancing the lights and shadows on the walls. The most used tools are spatulas, natural sponges, rags and brushes.

Polishing The Wall To Decorate

Let’s start now by preparing the walls to be decorated. To get the most out of the results, you will need to work on a smooth surface without any imperfections. Then using a thin, grainy sandpaper, glide across the wall, paying particular attention to spots where imperfections are present. When this work is over, remove all the dust, you may have created. This is why you have to make sure that your walls are free of asbestos to avoid any contamination from it. Finally, pass a primer hand to the wall to favour colour absorption.

Wall Painting

Continue the work by giving your first hand to the bottom. For this work you will have to use a paint that will accompany you to what you will give later; A tone is usually used. Let it dry and repeat the operation by spreading a further hand painting.

Choice Of Tools To Complete The Painting

Now you have to choose the tool you want to use to complete the painting. Assuming you have decided to use a sponge, next, you should do the following steps:

  • Insert the sponge in the paint gently.
  • Be careful not to overdo it as the colour may spill from the sponge on the wall and ruining the work that has been done so far.
  • Now tap the sponge on the wall, leave it rest and check whether you like the result or not.
  • Keep tapping until you get the colours and effects you like.
  • In order to achieve homogeneous work, you must always use the same amount of colour in the sponge.


Now you know how to create your walls to look even more fancier, start getting the work! You should get the best-required tools. But, it is better for you to get them in discounts. Always look for alternatives to cut your spending budget. At the same time, keep the quality at their best! Have fun experimenting!

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Great Tips To Prepare For Homeschooling

A lot of people would not dream of schooling their children at home. This is mainly due to the fact that they have no idea how. If more people understand of how to home school their children, more people would love to do it. If you need more information on home schooling, the following article has tips and tricks that you can use to provide a good education for your children.


Before you start doing homeschooling, you should recognise what your educational approach is going to be. In case you prefer to go with the type of environment and education of a standard school, or if you choose to focus on particular fields of study that fascinate your child, you should decide this in advance. You will have definite goals to work onwards, and the approach can be reassessed at the beginning of each school year.

Educate your children on how to follow instructions by providing them with a recipe that suits their capabilities and ask them to follow it on their own. They should begin by making a list for the grocery. Next, pay for it and know the change to make them gain a pass in a little math lesson (you can even include tax information) and then create and enjoy their success in the end.

Produce your own flash cards. You do not need to spend your money on expensive sets of flash cards if you have the ability to make it yourself. All you have to do is to make your own index cards and a marker. Apart from saving your money, this technique also gives you the chance to tailor the flash cards according to your child’s certain needs.

Check out any laws or regulations that deal with homeschooling in your area. You just simply visit the web page online of HDSLA to learn what is required in your state. If you are being asked some questions by the Board of Education or CPS, you can get some help from a homeschooling organisation. The help they can give makes any dues assessments totally worthwhile.

As you can now comprehend, schooling your children at home is well within your capacities. If you wish to make sure that your children get the proper education, it might be the best thing you are able to do. After all, they want a teacher who really cares. And who will care about the children more than you do?

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Do You Need Advice For Parents? We’ve got them!

There is no right or wrong way to educate your child. Parenting has many aspects and many of them, you begin to learn as your child grows. The key to properly educating your child is researching and connecting with other like-minded adults who have children. Read the tips below to help you find some enlightments on the different approaches to parenting.

Do You Need Advice For Parents

Take your kids to the kitchen. Askin them to help you out, even in small ways, with mealtime will make them more interested in the food you are preparing. They are likely to develop a better eating behaviour if they are more interested in the food. Also, it keeps your kids from getting bored while you’re trying to cook.

Do not try to push the bottle into a baby who is breastfeeding normally and who is hungry. A hungry baby will not understand what the bottle is and will immediately reject it because at this time the baby only associates the food with the breast. Introduce the baby to get used to the bottle when they are not hungry so they can learn that it also provides food.

Having a picky eating habit can be very difficult at times. Make sure you are offering a lot of different foods. Also be sure to serve your favourite foods often as long as they are healthy. Have them at least try a bite before they decide not to have any of that.

Each child has their own character. Just because one parenting style is effective with one child does not mean it will be as effective as the other. You may have to find different ways to punish the child and come up with new reward systems. Try to incorporate new techniques the ones that have worked well in the past but with additional rules that suit the current situation.

As the beginning of this article mentioned, there is no right or wrong way to be a parent to your child. Many parental skills are learned as your child grow up into the adulthood stage. Being open to learning new things is a wonderful way to learn new ways to get close to your child. So, never try to compare your childhood life with your child’s present life.  Apply the tips in this article, in order to have successful techniques of parenting and build a great child of yours.

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Important Things To Do To Sell Your House

It requires a very knowledgeable people to sell real estate. A real estate agent must have some basic knowledge about the real estate market’s  ins and outs. They must have the perseverance and knowledge to make fast business decisions regarding what property is marketable. If you decide to sell real estate, then you may want to read the following article for advice.

Important Things To Do To Sell Your House

When you inspect your property, you should be around. If you have an inspector who tells you that you should not be present, you have to be alert. The benefits of being present are that you will notice whether the inspection is thorough or not and it is a right time to learn about your investment.

When you remodel a home to sell, use a bright vintage white to repaint all of the mouldings. This will attract the attention to the interesting design of the moulding, creating the rooms feel brighter and bigger. Complex designs in the dining room and kitchen increase the beauty of the room whereas simple designs make the bedrooms and bathrooms feel comfortable.

To encourage a buying frenzy on your property, you can include a garden pond on your real estate. Many agents claim that a pond is not only a beautiful addition to a home but also stipulating to many buyers that they will only see residences that include this feature.

In a buyers market, before you start to sell, you need to have your home pre-inspected. Many buyers will completely ignore a property that has not been inspected lately. Investing energy and time into a home, only to discover some problems before closing, is a very upsetting to buyers, and most of them prefer to avoid that kind of a headache entirely.

To get the best value in property begin by searching the right agent whom you can work with. An agent working in the business full-time is going to have much better access to better contacts that you will need compared to someone who works part-time in the business. They will know more about the trends in the market as well.

As said before in the introduction of the article, in order to sell the property, you must be equipped with some knowledge. Selling real estate needs that you to get familiar with all aspects of the real estate market and have the skill to make important decisions when you buy real estate property. If you employ the advice from this article, you can be knowledgeable enough so that you can sell real estate.

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Coffee: The Greatest Way To Start Your Morning!

Is there anyone who hasn’t drunk any coffee for their entire life? Well, it is almost impossible! Many people think that coffee is their fuel to start the morning. How about you? Do you enjoy drinking coffee? If you do, you are probably searching for ways to create a delicious brew at home. Well, you are clicking on the right page! Continue reading this article which has numerous suggestions to help you out.

Coffee: The Greatest Way To Start Your Morning!

You should only drink fresh cups of coffee. How to get a fresh cup of coffee every day? You must buy your coffee directly from the roaster. It is not that hard to find roasters these days. You can do this easily online and find many options of fresh coffee beans from the oven. There are also a lot of roaster shops that are willing to deliver it directly to you. Your coffee will arrive in a fresh condition. This way you can always have your fresh cups of coffee every morning.

How many cups of coffee you have a day? If you tend to drink a lot of cups of coffee, then you should invest in a quality coffee machine to make your own coffee at home. Having a cup of coffee in cafés or coffee shops is rather expensive if you do it every day. So, it is better for you to go to a coffee shop occasionally. However, when you have a coffee machine, you can invite your friends to hang out in your house instead of spending much money outside.

Yes, brewing your own coffee at home will definitely add up your savings. As mentioned above, try to compare it to the costs of going to a coffee shop every day. Therefore, invest in a good no-spill travel mug to support your decision. You can have a better quality of coffee with a lower price than you have in café by doing this.

However, you must always remember to store the coffee in a proper container. Put your weekly dose of coffee inside a container and keep it in your freezer to make it fresh. It is important for you to know that coffee shouldn’t be exposed to the air for too long. Thus, whenever you make a cup of coffee, try to immediately close the cans after you take some.

Hopefully, this article will help you with some new information that you can start to try today. Have a great cup of coffee every morning! Have a nice day!

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